Valve Tags

Indoors, outdoors, harsh environments or light duty applications. We offer you valve tags made of the materials to match your needs. Choose from one of the following materials that best fits your custom valve tag application. All of our tags are available for customization or as blanks so you may stamp or print your own tag text or legends.


  • Description: Made from 19 gauge solid brass
  • Use For: general purpose valve identification.
  • Max Temperature: Material 1200° F, Ink Fill 233° F


  • Description: 19 gauge solid aluminum
  • Use For: Color coding by content, system or service.
  • Max Temperature: Material 1500° F, Ink Fill 233° F

Stainless Steel

  • Description: .025 Stainless Steel
  • Use For: Ideal for harsh environments or where a stainless steel is specified.
  • Max Temperature: Material 2700° F, Ink Fill 233° F


  • Description: 0.060 in (1.52 mm) plastic engraved tags are constructed of flexible, tough, stain-resistant multi-layered acrylic.
  • Use For: Plastic Tags are engraved which allows for multiple lines of copy and more detailed description. Available in 7 colors for color-coding - Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Red, White, Yellow.
  • Service Temperature: -40° F to 175° F

Anodized Aluminum

  • Description: 0.032 in. (0.81mm) Engraved Anodized Aluminum Tags are processed so the color is actually part of the surface.
  • Use For: Designed for use where high temperature exposure is a factor. Many colors available for color-coding - Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Orange.
  • Service Temperature: -40° F to 1400° F

Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

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