Mil-Spec Sleeving

For applications with the most rigorous demands of their electrical protection, Electro Insulation offers a wide variety sleeving built to meet military specifications. This sleeving is designed for the most demanding environments, finding use in aerospace & military applications, but may also be used for commercial applications that require sleeving with specific characteristics.

To complement our selection of tubing, we also offer a variety of value-added services to ensure your product meets your unique needs, including packaging, slitting, cutting and more. In addition, we are dedicated to on-time and defect free shipments for every order. Request a quote today or contact us at 1 (888) 818-3079 to see what we can offer you!

MIL-I-3190/1 - Braided fiberglass sleeving offers protection for your electronics with flexibility, temperature resistance and cut-through resistance.

MIL-I-3190/2 - Features extreme flexibility, heat resistance and splitting resistance, provides maximum chemical & electrical performance.

MIL-I-3190/3 - The most adaptable and economical of all the fiberglass sleeving products; offers great heat resistance, high flexibility and cut-through resistance.

MIL-I-3190/5 - With a temperature index of 200°C, this sleeving is ideal for electrical equipment that requires insulation with mechanical protection and radiation resistance.

MIL-I-3190/6 - Constructed to provide extreme flexibility in high temperatures. This sleeving boasts high resistance to heat, long life, exceptional durability and cut-through resistance.

MIL-I-3190/7 - Featuring a temperature rating of 220°C, this sleeving is ideal for applications that require high thermal capability, solvent, and flame resistance.

MIL-I-3190/8 - With a temperature rating of 250°C, this sleeving is intended for applications that require insulation with good low temperature flexibility.

MIL-I-3190/9 - Featuring a temperature index of 240°C, this sleeving is ideal for applications that call for flexibility in low temperature ranges in addition to high moisture and humidity resistance.

AA52080 (Fromerly MIL-T-43435) - A wide selection of materials featuring high tenacity, continuous filament characteristics to meet your specific application needs.

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