Neoprene / Polychloroprene Elastomer Heat Shrink Tubing

Our Neoprene Irradiated Heat Shrink tubing is used for insulation, strain relief and abrasion protection on cable harnesses and wire bundles. Especially suitable for applications requiring exposure to fluids and solvents at elevated temperatures. Also used in applications requiring flexibility at low temperatures without cracking

Neoprene Rubber Heat Shrink Tubing Characteristics

  • Outstanding abrasion and cut-through resistance
  • Operates in a broad temperature range, flexible at low temperatures
  • Resistant to most fluids and solvents at high temperatures

Polychloroprene Elastomer Tubing Applications

  • Strain relief and abrasion protection
  • Applications requiring ruggedness and low temperature flexibility

Neoprene Rubber Tubing Specifications

  • Sizes range from 1/8” to 4”
  • 2:1 shrink ratio
  • -70°C to 121°C operating temperature range
  • UL / CSA
  • RoHS compliant
  • SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/1, Classes 1 & 2

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