Laboratory Labeling

Lab labels are ideal identification solutions for the life science industry. Laboratory labels resist smearing, fading or falling off even in liquid nitrogen, freezers, autoclaves, hot water baths, chemicals, and solvents. Lab labels are designed to fit a variety of vial, slide and well plate sizes.

Conical, Tube, and Vial Labels

Conical, tube and vial labels are designed with an ultra-thin material that prevents vials from jamming in centrifuges or racks. They will withstand harsh temperatures and chemicals without falling off, fading or smearing. Conical, tube and vial labels are available in many different formats like, vial top, free standing, short overlap, and short or long-tail over laminate. Our vial tube labels meet established best practices and comply with the NCI specimen tracking initiative.

General Lab ID Labels

General lab ID labels are great for labeling facility, equipment, drawers, and cabinets with warnings, instructions, and reminders. Bright label colors are available so messages are highly visual and clear. Indoor/outdoor materials with strong adhesives are available for long-lasting and durable general purpose lab ID labels.

Glassware and Container Labels

Glassware and container labels are ideal for bottles, plastic jugs, flasks, and vials. The options range from cost-effective paper to more durable choices such as nylon cloth which will last in harsh environments and cleanup. Removable and repositionable adhesives are available so you can easily reuse your glassware or container. Permanent adhesives are also available for rough surface applications.

Slide Labels

Slide labels will help you effectively id and keep track of samples. These labels have a strong self-sticking adhesive that will stay in place even if they are stored in freezers or autoclaves. Slide labels resist chemicals and will not smear, fade or fall off when exposed to chemicals and solvents typically used in the lab for cleaning. 


  • Available in aluminum foil, glass cloth, metalized polyester, nylon cloth, paper, polyester, polyester/paper, polyethylene napthalate (PEN), polyamide, polyolefin, polypropylene, Tedlar®, vinyl, and vinyl cloth
  • Ideal for freezer, liquid nitrogen, and autoclave environments
  • Available in self-laminating, low-profile (extremely thin) and removable/repositionable
  • Print technologies available include thermal transfer, laser, inkjet, and dot matrix.
  • Sizes range from .094" to 6"
  • Temperature ranges from -196°C to 350°C
  • UL / CSA
  • Static dissipative adhesives available
  • Custom labels quoted upon request
  • RoHS compliant

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