Medical Instrument Cleaners and Solvents

We offer some of the most advanced cleaners, carrier additives, coatings and lubricants to medical device designers and manufacturers. Our high-speed, high-performance cleaners and solvents are used for reusable medical devices, instruments, and related products.


  • Clean room wipes are available and essential in a medical device, pharmaceutical, optical and laboratory environments. This high-purity, lint-free wipes are made from synthetic cellulose for maximum absorption of water, oils, and solvents
  • Non-ozone depleting solvents that can lift particulate, dissolve oils, and/or deposit silicones with precision. They can be packaged in aerosols, pump sprays, bulk or dips
  • Dry-film PTFE microdispersion sprays and dips used for medical device manufacturers for lubricating
  • Strong, lint-free pre-saturated wipes carrying a high purity mix of isopropyl alcohol and de-ionized water certified to ACS/USP specifications
  • Medical grade mold release helps make molded plastic parts and packaging faster, with fewer rejects and at a lower cost. They are mineral oil-based and fast drying for quick cycle times
  • Canned air is available and perfect for removing liquids, purging tubes and removing lint from lenses. Made from a high purity, ozone-safe refrigerant that creates a “blast” of air. Non-flammable
  • Cleaning tools, de-fluxers, label removers, de-greasers, solvents for vapor cleaners, and stencil rolls for automatic under stencil cleaning are also available


  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, ozone-safe, and safe for people
  • Many packaging options
  • No special equipment requirements
  • RoHS compliant

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