TE Connectivity & Raychem Heat Shrink Tubing Selection Guide

TE Connectivity's RAYCHEM heat shrink tubing products provides excellent coverage in various applications while withstanding extreme environmental conditions. Electro Insulation proudly supplies TE Connectivity’s RAYCHEM Thin Wall Polyolefin Tubing, Medium / Heavy Tubing, Single Wall Polyolefin Tubing, PVC Tubing, TFE & FEP Tubing, Dual Wall Polyolefin Tubing, and various specialty tubing’s.

Product Name Product Features Shrink Ratio
Versafit UL VW-1 and CSA OFT flame ratings.
Low shrink temperature for fast install.
RNF-100 Excellent physical,chemical, and electrical
properties. Abrasion/solvent resistance superior
to that of many flexible, polyolefin tubing.
VTW Very thin wall provides space savings with rapid
shrinking. Very flexible; does not wrinkle when bent.
CGPE-105 Attractive appearance; clear, with exceptional
clarity. Easily hot stamped.
CRN High abrasion resistence. Transfers flex
stress away form typically weak spots.
MIL-LT Meets MIL-I-23053/5 and MIL-R-46846 requirements.
Low shrink temp. for fast installatiom. Hot-stamps
extyremely well.
RNF-150 Thinner wall than most general purpose polyolefins.
Excellent physical and chemical properties.
Attractive appearance.
RT-375 Exceptional clarity; thin wall. Tough, chemically resistant
. High-temperature performance.
Kynar High-temperature performance that meets or
exceeds military and industrial standards.
RT-3 Well suited for semi-automation. High
abrasion resistance. Excellent mechanical properties.
RNF-3000 Easily accommodates irregular shapes. Few sizes
cover many different substrates.
RP-4800 Allows for true versatility. Excellent physical,
chemical, and electrical properties.
Product Name Product Features Shrink Ratio
NT Heavy duty, abrasion resistant, very
flame-retardent. Remains flexible at low temperatures.
NTFR Heavy-duty, resistant to fuels and oils, flame-retardant.
Remains felxible at low temperatures.
DR-25 Long-term fluid and heat-resistance. Heavy wall,
flexible. Abrasion protection.
SFR Wide temperature range. Excellent
low-temperature flexibility. Very good ablative
and solvent-resistance characteristics.
VITON Outstanding performance in severe chemical
and thermal environments. High resistance to impact and abrasion.
VITON HW Heavier wall provides increased protection against
mechanical abuse. Outstanding performance in
servere chemcial and thermal
HCTE Helical construction with excellent flexibility and high
crush resistance. Crosslinked ETFE provides resistance
to aggressive solvents and decontaminating agents.
HRHF 5.6:1 expansion, for repair of flexible cables 5.6:1
SST Inexpensive and heavy duty for sealing
XFFR Halogen-free
BSTS Inexpensive, excellent thick wall insulation and abrasion
TE & Raychem Single Wall Polyolefin Tubing
Product Description Shrink Ratio
Versafit Very flexible 2:1
RNF-100 Flexible 2:1
Versafit V4 Very flexible 2:1
CGPE-105 Flexible 2:1
DCPT Flexible 2:1
CRN Semirigid 2:1
RT-3 Semirigid 2.5:1
RNF-3000 Flexible 3:1
RP-4800 Flexible 4:1

TE PVC Tubing

  • HS 105

TE PTFE & FEP Tubing

  • PTFE
  • FEP
TE & Raychem Dual Wall Polyolefin Tubing
Product Description Shrink Ratio
ATUM Environmentally seals and protects a wide variety of applications, including back end connector sealing, breakouts, and connector-to-cable transitions.
DWP-125 Flexible, high-shrink-ratio, adhesive-lined polyolefin tubing that environmentally seals and protects a wide variety of electrical applications.
ES1000 Clear, adhesive-lined, semirigid polyolefin tubing specifically designed for environmental sealing and electrical insulation of wire splices, termination, and components where see-through inspection is required.
ES2000 Adhesive-lined semirigid polyolefin tubing specially designed for environmental sealing electrical insulation of wire splices, termination, and components.
SCL Semirigid, encapsulant-lined polyolefin tubing which encapsulates components, splices, and terminations where moisture resistance and mechanical protection are required.
SCT Flame-retardant, adhesive-lined, semirigid, polyolefin tubing specifically designed to insulate and seal automotive wire splices and components in an under-the-hood automotive environment.
TAT-125 Adhesive-lined, flexible, polyolefin tubing that seals and protects simple in-line splices, bi-metallic joints, and components from fluids, moisture, and corrosion.

TE & Raychem Special Purpose Tubing


Product Description Shrink Ratio
SFR Very flexible, flame-retardant, silicone elastomer tubing 1.75:1
NT-MIL Flexible, rugged, modified elastomeric tubing 1.8:1
DR-25 Flexible, chemical and abrasion resistant tubing 2:1
RW-200 (Viton) Chemical-resistant, high-temperature fluoroelastomer tubing 2:1


Product Description
MT 1000 Altera medical-grade, thin wall, semirigid,
MT 2000 Altera Medical-Grade, Very Thin Wall, Polyolefin Heat-Shrinkable Tubing
MT 3000 Altera medical-grade, thin wall, flexible,
fluoropolymer heat-shrinkable tubing
MT 5000 Altera medical-grade, flexible,
polyolefin heat-shrinkable tubing
FEP Heat shrinkable fluorinated ethylene propylene tubing product. The product is
durable, chemical resistant, lubricious, and resistant to UV damage.


  • RW-175 (Kynar)
  • HFT5000

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