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What is heat shrink outgassing?

 Heat shrink outgassing is a phenomenon that occurs when heat is applied to certain types of heat shrink tubing. It is the release of gas or vapor from the tubing as a result of heating, and it canur in different forms depending on the type of material and the heating conditions. 

Outgassing can be a problem in applications where the released gases can cause damage to sensitive electronic components or contaminate the surrounding environment. For example, in aerospace or military applications, outgassing from heat shrink tubing can potentially cause issues with sensitive instruments or interfere with the operation of electronic systems.

To prevent or minimize outgassing, it is important to select heat shrink tubing that is specifically designed for the intended application and that has been tested to ensure low outgassing properties. It is also important to follow proper installation techniques and to use appropriate heating equipment to avoid overheating the tubing.

Some of the factors that can contribute to heat shrink outgassing include the type of material used in the tubing, the temperature and duration of heating, and the level of vacuum or pressure in the surrounding environment. Some materials, such as fluoropolymers, are generally less prone to outgassing than other materials like polyolefin, but this can vary depending on the specific formulation and manufacturing process.

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