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PVC Heat Shrink Tubing

PVC Tubing

Electro Insulation is a supplier of high quality PVC heat shrink tubing. Our heat shrink tubing can be used for wire harnessing and wire splicing and insulating terminals while remaining resistant to oils and grease. PVC shrinkable tubes posses a low heat shrink temperature. This tubing is resistant to harsh elements including chemicals and oils, and is resilient to natural elements such as sunlight, moisture and fungus. Another important characteristic is that this product is highly flame retardant. PVC heat shrink tubing's 2:1 shrink ratio is ideal for applications involving the outdoors. In addition, layflat PVC tubing is cost-effective, and it's thin quality makes it optimal for wire harnesses, insulating terminals and environments that include oils and grease, as it is resistant to those elements.

PVC Shrinkable Tube Characteristics

Layflat PVC Tubing Applications

PVC Heat Shrink Tubing Specifications

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